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Opava, Czech Republic

European Integration

Evropská integrace

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Subject area: social
Kind of studies: full-time studies
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European, or Europeans, may refer to:
Integration may refer to:
[Malcolm X] in keeping with the Nation's teachings he espoused black supremacy, advocated the separation of black and white Americans and scoffed at the civil rights movement's emphasis on integration.
News in: Today is Malcolm X Day,Delawar County News Network, 19 May 2014.
The integration of exponentially growing technologies is beginning to empower the patient, enable the doctor, enhance wellness and begin to cure the well before they get sick.
Daniel Kraft in Internationally Acclaimed Innovator Daniel Kraft to Give Keynote Address at DIA 2013 49th Annual Meeting, DIA (,), Apr 11, 2013
I see with much pleasure that you are working on a large work on the integral Calculus [ … ] The reconciliation of the methods which you are planning to make, serves to clarify them mutually, and what they have in common contains very often their true metaphysics; this is why that metaphysics is almost the last thing that one discovers. The spirit arrives at the results as if by instinct; it is only on reflecting upon the route that it and others have followed that it succeeds in generalising the methods and in discovering its metaphysics.
Pierre-Simon Laplace (1792) in: I. Grattan-Guinness Convolutions in French Mathematics, 1800-1840:From the Calculus and Mechanics to Mathematical Analysis and Mathematical Physics. Vol.1: The Setting, Springer Science & Business Media, 1 July 1990, p. 139.

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