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Cracow, Poland

Cultural Studies

Language: EnglishStudies in English
Subject area: social
Kind of studies: full-time studies
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The Master in Cultural Studies, speciality TransAtlantic Studies (TAS) is a comprehensive, full-time interdisciplinary graduate programme. It is directed primarily to foreign students who would like to study in Krakow. The programme, taught entirely in English, focuses on various aspects of transatlantic relations. Graduates from the programme will receive a diploma in cultural studies with a major in TransAtlantic Studies. During four semesters of studies students are obliged to earn 120 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). Graduate's profile Graduates receive a good preparation in theory, philosophy and cultural history in the context of European and American, and the relationship between Europe and the United States. Moreover, they have expertise in selected areas of culture, social issues, political, security and transatlantic relations in the wider international context.